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Ridge Rescue Adoptable Dogs
Dogs up for adoption have received all vet care required; puppies may still require some vetting after adoption but this is covered by RRS (spay/neuter, vaccinations, Rabies, micro chip, deworming, flea/mite/tick treatments).  

Adoption fees include GST and are as follows:
Puppies born in Rescue or under 1 year old: $472.50
Dogs 1 year old to 7 years old: $420.00
Senior Dogs over 8 years of age: $315.00

In special cases, some dogs may exceed these fees. This can include but is not limited to: dogs with extensive dental work; dogs who need amputations; dogs who need complicated surgery; etc. You will be informed of the extra costs of these "special needs" dogs when your application is received. Most special needs dogs will have an adoption fee of $500 (plus GST, these dogs generally have an intake vet bill of $800 +).

Ridge Rescue Society is a not-for-profit society. These fees go directly to the care and vetting of the animals in rescue. Many times, these fees do not completely cover the care of the dog in rescue. Think if you were to buy a puppy from someone: Cost of puppy: $700.00 +. Cost of vetting: $350.00 +. We strive to keep our fees as low as possible so we can keep our rescue running. Thank you for considering adopting and not shopping!

Ready to apply for adoption? Please review our Adoption Terms & Conditions. After you are finished, there will be a link for the application. Remember: if you don't have time to read the Terms & Conditions, you do not have time for a new pet! 

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Yellow LabMalamute XPyreneesBoxer / HoundAustralian Shepherd / Australian Cattle Dog
Border CollieChihuahuaBorder Collie/LabGreat Pyrenees / AkbashSiberian Husky / Collie
Chihuahua / DaschundShepherd / HuskyGreat Pyrenees / Lab / DaschundShepherd XPomeranian
Rottweiler / CollieChihuahua / Jack RussellPomeranian

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